Rachel and Taylor Lorio's Wedding, New Orleans, Louisiana

When girls in the South plan a "winter wedding", we just mean that we don't want it to be humid. Our winter has a majority of 50 degree nights.  As much as we think we would enjoy the white winter that snow could bring us, we could really never stand it, or prepare for it.  Still, we plan our January events and hope for cooler temps.  Well, Rachel and Taylor had the lowest temps of the year!  There were bridges icing over, road closures, and it was below freezing in The Big Easy and yet the show went off without a hitch! 

We began with classic New Orleans elegance at Hotel Monteleone, where the inability to utilize the rooftop, double booked ballroom and PACKED lobby sent us to the Riverview Room (it was sort of a don't ask permission and just see if we have to ask for forgiveness moment) where we had out short but sweet first look and the night began! Check out some of my favorites in the gallery below.  I LOVED the classic style she and Taylor shared with their attire and the pops of deep red in her bouquet as well as lip stain. ((SWOON))

We were swept away to St Theresa of Avila Catholic Church and it was love at first sight for me.  Upon entering, I was taken in with the combination of architectural beauty, old New Orleans charm, and that warm, fuzzy feeling I get when when I know that I am about to witness something special.  Rachel is known for her great personal style and I wasn't surprised to see that she did just enough to an already stunning church with greenery (eucalyptus, too- my personal fav) and candles to set a romantic mood. 

I have always shared how much I enjoy shooting small, intimate weddings.  And this wedding only reminded me of that and why.  There was so much love to be shared, so many tender moments, so many caring looks in their direction or at one another, you could tell that every single person there was there because they supported Rachel and Taylor (and Thomas).  And if there has ever been photographic evidence that a "first look " doesn't kill the aisle moment, its here, in this gallery, with that grin Rachel flashes Taylor while walking arm in arm with her father.

Another small wedding perk?  Kicking everyone out of the shots and far enough away for a "just the two of us" mini session to occur.  It really only takes ten minutes. Make. it. happen.  I don't care if you are using someone other than me, make it happen.  You guys NEED that time to connect and enjoy and relive the vows you just took, to giggle and laugh and be giddy, and to breathe..all before you'll be off again to a whirlwind reception. Love isn't something these two lack.  It was evident in their happy son (that he comes from a happy home) but I just had to get them to show it off a little for me ;)

If you're in New Orleans, on the coldest night of the decade, there is one place to go:  The Bevolo Gas and Lighting Museum.  Seriously, just tuck that information away, because the lanterns pump OUT some heat.  And so do King James and the Special Men (look them up, NOW and go see them on Monday's at the Saturn Bar).  I am not going to blab about every detail of this reception and let the photos do the talking but just note that the groom is a talented chef and did ALL of their food and the entire thing was a DIY labor of... you guessed it.. LOVE. CHEERS to you both, Rachel and Taylor.  Your balloon said it all!