Boho Zoie, Celebrates One, downtown Bay St. Louis

Zoie is the most charming little wildflower and her parents exude all that I know will keep her passionate spirit safe.  Families like this one are so rare and so priceless and yet they continually find their way to me.  The trust Zach and Kerri have in my ability and direction is evident in how little they tried to micromanage the session.  I don't think I ever heard them tell Zoie to smile and say cheese.  She was obviously born free, and they seem to know that letting her run free means they'll never lose her.  It's refreshing to see this, and their love was beyond charming. 

Conceptually, we wanted to ditch the typical smash cake or tutu and do something a little more OG.  I, of course, wanted to take Zoie to the streets of Compton, but, since THAT was out of the question, we settled on the streets of Bay St Louis, where we shot their maternity session.  The fall weather here in South Mississippi is hit or miss, but they lucked out with a beautiful evening. After making a short block, the birthday girl decided she was ready to choose a little tucked away corner and play with some of the fun things I had for her and well, the rest is the beautifully documented history below.  

Thank you, Zach and Kerri.  I am beyond grateful for the time that I get to spend with the both of you and your little darling.  I hope that these photos are cherished for all of the years to come.