Krissy and Michael, Downtown Ocean Springs Engagement Session

(Read this in your best Don Lafontaine voice) And then the clouds break away and down from the Heavens comes this bad ass bride who decides to book me (of ALL the photographers on this Coast) and I am beyond humbled by it and grateful, and NERVOUS. (Lose the voice) Yes, nervous, ya'll... I still get butterflies before I shoot and it's been a decade. Krissy, however, is as cool as she looks.  She is so easy to work with and converse with, and she understands my random brainstorming/all over the place textathons, even has her own ideas and thoughts and they don't have me rolling my eyes into the back of my head or throwing my phone. I may have been nervous, but it all subsided when I met Michael and saw the two of them and we starting having a little fun.  I laughed A LOT on their session and was thrilled with their laid back vibe and how that came across in the photos.  We lucked out with a gorgeous December day in Ocean Springs and I have so many freaking favorites but wanted to post a few.  We didn't have a record store, like we originally had hoped, but we had something even better- true love. Its evident that these two are meant for each other and I am the lucky bitch who gets to capture that. What up, world, I sure do appreciate this gift!