Awaiting Isla, Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Zach and Kerri are the type of people that just make you stoked to be raising children in a world where they are doing that, too. They have already produced a stellar little chick, Zoe, who led the shoot and set the tone for the day. I admired how they just let her be. Doing so gave everything we shot the natural/organic feel I am constantly seeking. Being that I shot their maternity photos (when little Zoe was the one we were anticipating) Kerri reaching out to ME for round two was super exciting! And even though we had to reschedule once due to the weather not cooperating for the light and look Kerri was after, it was all worth it: we were gifted with a gorgeous evening built for the adventure we had and helped produce a collection I feel captures the essence of their family. Kerri and Zach are so humble and down to earth on their own, as individuals, but when you put them in a frame together, you really see how they bring each other to life. It’s exciting to capture families I have earned a little trust with and seeing what that looks like. Spoiler alert: it looks pretty freaking sweet.