Miles and Tori, First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Springs + White Pillars, Biloxi

Tori had my heart from the moment we met. This bride was DRIVEN! Tori, with the help of the ladies over at Magnolia Bride, planned her wedding amidst the chaos and workload of med school, during boards, while working 12 hour days in rotation on top of that. I vibe well with powerful women, what can I say? Beyond her obvious drive, Tori is so kind. Her warm smile and lighthearted humor carried me through my afternoon with she and her loving bridesmaids. Just look at the way she is loved. Their reaction to her was out of this world!

Tori’s dress matched her timeless look (does anyone else get Audrey Hepburn vibes?) and added to her natural elegance.


One of the latest trends that I am swooning over is a first look with Dad. After all, they are the first man we love. We chose to do this out of sight and utilized the adorable chapel. It’s obvious where Tori gets her humor and I am a sucker for father/daughter moments. Ok, I am a sucker for moments in general, but that’s my business!

Miles and Co. were in a classic tuxedos, and although we were running out of light and time, they hung in there with me to get it done! The wedding party and their attire added to the classic/timeless feel and provided the perfect backdrop of laughter that makes long days great days.

Tradition was alive and well with Miles not seeing Tori until the altar and my only being able to shoot from behind once the ceremony began but there was still plenty to capture. I especially love the smile on Miles’ face as Tori’s father gives her away.

After the wedding, we were off to White Pillars in Biloxi where people dined, danced and enjoyed the celebration until it was time to send them on their way with the fanfare of a sparkler exit.

Thank you, Tori and Miles. You and your family and friends were a joy to capture! Until we meet again.