Chloe +Patrick, Engagement Session, Long Beach, MS

When Chloe reached out wanting to book a session, my brain was truly scrambling. I have seen the type of work she puts out and the talented photographers she has worked with and everything about her just exudes creativity. This wasn’t a shoot I could just go through the motions with. And I immediately started brainstorming. A few weeks passed before I decided to try and vibe with her and I should have done it sooner because it was so comforting! Once we spoke about what inspires us and what she was wanting, we were on the same page. I don’t know why I psych myself out. I guess there WAS a reason she chose me, after all. Will I ever feel worthy of the gifts of praise I receive? Probably not. Do i love every minute of trying to feel that way, working hard to keep my ideas fresh, crying over post processing, trashing work to just build it back up again and just the over all process of evolving and pushing myself to try something new? Also no.

But, sometimes….sometimes I really get lucky and the day is beautiful, the couple walks up in simple, laid back clothing, the setting is a combination of eerie and magical and I get to watch lovers dance and embrace in an overgrowth of greenery I have watched transform over the years.

These two seem like old friends. Their love is playful and sweet, they are tender and funny and patient and it all shows in Bronte (the true star of the beginning of this session) we could have ended it there, but we didn’t. We still had a lot to capture! Like….. Patricks strength and ability to build a fire, with no kindling, on a windy beach, while we were losing light, with a bic lighter (which I am STILL impressed by).

Alas, I will let the photos speak for themselves.