Chloe +Patrick, Engagement Session, Long Beach, MS

When Chloe reached out wanting to book a session, my brain was truly scrambling. I have seen the type of work she puts out and the talented photographers she has worked with and everything about her just exudes creativity. This wasn’t a shoot I could just go through the motions with. And I immediately started brainstorming. A few weeks passed before I decided to try and vibe with her and I should have done it sooner because it was so comforting! Once we spoke about what inspires us and what she was wanting, we were on the same page. I don’t know why I psych myself out. I guess there WAS a reason she chose me, after all. Will I ever feel worthy of the gifts of praise I receive? Probably not. Do i love every minute of trying to feel that way, working hard to keep my ideas fresh, crying over post processing, trashing work to just build it back up again and just the over all process of evolving and pushing myself to try something new? Also no.

But, sometimes….sometimes I really get lucky and the day is beautiful, the couple walks up in simple, laid back clothing, the setting is a combination of eerie and magical and I get to watch lovers dance and embrace in an overgrowth of greenery I have watched transform over the years.

These two seem like old friends. Their love is playful and sweet, they are tender and funny and patient and it all shows in Bronte (the true star of the beginning of this session) we could have ended it there, but we didn’t. We still had a lot to capture! Like….. Patricks strength and ability to build a fire, with no kindling, on a windy beach, while we were losing light, with a bic lighter (which I am STILL impressed by).

Alas, I will let the photos speak for themselves.


Francie and Kerby and a promise to myself

Of course I am sitting down to write my January “new year, new me” blog post on the 19th of January.  I try so hard to adult and run a business and mother three busy children in an organized manner and well.. lets just say that it is a good thing I am talented because my amateur juggling skills (aka life management) would surely have buried me if I weren’t.  

As much as I want to begin the year with the wedding I shot last week, I cannot let 2017 begin without shedding some light on where 2016 ended and THAT was with stacks on stacks on stacks of gorgeous weddings surrounding a very busy holiday season.  I am going to dedicate myself to posting some of these and my work more regularly this year. Boom. There it is. 

You guys remember Francie and Kerby, right? How could you not?  Well, they were married on a Sunday at one of my favorite venues (The Chimney's).  When planning for this wedding, Francie didn’t take into account that daylight savings would occur and their start time would ultimately mean DARK.  This didn’t stop them, or me from capturing some stellar ceremony shots thanks to my favorite lens (50 1.2) and some creative lighting giving me just enough to capture Kerby’s tears and Francie’s infectious smile.  We had an impromptu first look, and I must say I am so thankful for her nerves and those first few moments we shared alone. 

The outpouring of love and fellowship at this union was huge, y’all. I could post 50 images and still not feel like I did it justice. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites of the joining of these two families and all of the style that surrounded it.

And as always, a huge thank you to the couple for trusting me,  for sharing their families with me (especially the Grandmothers of both the bride and the groom who were two of the most loving women I have ever met) and for their kind words and gracious hearts.